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About Careerly

Just Like You!

As soon as we start approaching the end of our degree the biggest question hits us "What's Next?". Due to the vast number of opportunities present, it gets very overwhelming and the chances of missing out on something get higher. Being on the same boat last year, I did extensive research and prepared for all the exams.

I managed to qualify GATE 2021, Got calls from IIMs, got admits from various top universities such as TexasA&M, University of Stuttgart and many more. At last, I got my placement offer from Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions.

The fact that there is no place that gives general information about all the options in front of you made it difficult to decide what I may or may not do.

The journey of getting the clarity of what you want can be difficult. Now that I have the clarity I thought I can save all of this time and effort for others. That is how the idea of Careerly was born to give all of you a head start and to make you aware of the options you have in front of you. Since I went through it all, I know what doubts you might have at this stage. With careerly I can help you make the right informed decision for yourself and accompany you with your journey to make it a little simple with my experience.

Through Careerly you can ask me about any doubt regarding GATE, CAT, Study Abroad, Campus Placements and Research paper publishing.

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