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Updated: May 21, 2021

Campus Placements is something we all face for the first time. With the time we get to learn how to handle them and get placed. There is no shortage for opportunities these days. You need to decide what exact role you want to pursue and work in that given direction. Most important thing here is to prepare yourself for tackling the interviews. First thing that comes to my mind when I talk of campus placements is the resume. It is very important to make a decent and unique resume. This is the one thing that can keep you one step ahead of others.

Another thing that most students worry about is are there jobs available in core sector or not. To be honest there aren't much jobs in core sector but I also cannot say that there are none. I myself am placed in a core company and trust me if that is what you want you can get it easily.

Don't know how to prepare and where to start- I can give you the preparation kit that I used for the head start.
Don't know how to create the resume and make it attractive- I can give you references of some resume and help you with creating your own.
Don't know how to prepare for interview- I can share my experience and even help you connect with the people who got the placed in your dream company. I can help you prepare the answers for the HR interview as well.
Don't know how to get placed in a core company- I can guide you step wise and share my experience with you.

Things you worry about

  1. How to start the preparation?

  2. What to choose core or CS?

  3. How to prepare for both?

  4. What is a good resume?

  5. How to add up skills in the resume?

  6. How to clear the test for placements?

  7. How to crack the technical interview?

  8. How to crack the HR interview?

Get your Query resolved for FREE !!

Check out the placement stories and experiences in the News and Tips Section.

How to crack campus placements

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