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  • Riya Shrivastava

Design- As Career and Education!

Are you confused to choose the streams for your career as a designer? Do you know your specialty in design? Do you even know streams in design? Are you UI/UX designer or just a UI designer or UX designer? Cause, one can never be both. Do you have a good portfolio? A lot of you might have these questions in your head if you're an aspiring designer. So, to answer your questions we have Vartika Verma- UX Designer, Masters in Design (Information design), Bachelors in Design (Product design) and holds the admits from prestigious US design colleges.

Don't know where to start- I am there to help you choose a path.
Don't know which specialization is made for you- I'll explain and help you to decide your specialty.
Don't know if your portfolio is good enough- No worries I can give you an analysis and help you improve.
Don't know which universities to target- I can help you pick some on the basis of my research.
Any doubts related to design as a career- Don't worry I am there to answer all.

Get your Query resolved for FREE !!

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