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  • Riya Shrivastava

Myths About Research Papers

Many of you don't know the importance of research papers. To be honest these papers add a lot of value to your profile and resume weather you wanna go for higher studies or want to sit for placements. For higher studies these papers become very important to let others know about your research interests and capabilities. It definitely gives a boost to your profile.

These papers also plays a significant role in your placements. It gives the interviewer a good impression about your inclination towards your chosen field. There are a lot of companies that do their first screening round on the basis of your resume and having a research paper published will surely add an advantage for you there.

Now the question comes how to start writing a research paper- Don't worry I can help you with everything from scratch.

Don't know where to start- I will tell you how to approach a professor and how to select a problem statement.
Don't know how to write and remove plagiarism- No problem I'll share with you my story of publishing the paper and how I did it.
Don't know how to draft and which conference to target- Don't worry I can tell you in detail and even tell you which conference are easy to target.
Don't know people who can combine with you on your work - I can help you connect with people of your interest.

Things you worry about

  1. How to approach the professor?

  2. How to select the problem statement?

  3. How to target the conferences and journals?

  4. How to draft the paper?

  5. How to remove the plagiarism?

  6. Which tools can be used?

Get your Query resolved for FREE !!

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